ANTAD's Web Site for the Energy Efficiency Symposium.


ANTAD (Asociacion Nacional De Tiendas De Autoservicio Y Departamentales, A.C.)


Web Designer & Front-end Developer


- UI/UX Design,
- Website Development


September, 2022.

For this site, I was required to make a website primarily for ANTAD’s partners. Which most of them work for a specific industry. And secondly, for inviting prospects to know the event.

ANTAD required me to make clear the dates for the event, a list of the ponents, table for 2 prices, and a table that included 2 prices (ended up with 3).

Since I had to use the logo given for them, based in blue colors. I just requested them to let me use a green palette and his chosen blue. In addition of the requested tasks: Reasons to assist, an interactive layout with all the ponents and their profiles, the schedule shown for day, photo gallery from past editions and general icons for participants, topics, and edition number. And this how the final result looks like:
Energy Efficiency Symposium 2022.